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  1. Air drying equipment
  2. Sterilizing equipment
  3. Cleaning equipment
  4. Processing equipment for quick frozen dumpling
  5. 秒速时时彩Flavoring machine
  6. Poultry and poultry processing equipment
  7. Complete set of beef and mutton equipment
  8. Fish production line
  9. Sausage processing equipment
  10. Meat equipment
  11. Snack food processing equipment
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Contact: Manager Li 
Mobile : 13562615538
Tel: 0536-6095882
E-mail: liangcaijixie@163.com
Address: Zhujia Village Industrial Park, Huanghua Town, Zhucheng City

Mutton slicing machine
Meat slicer
Dicing machine
Hack machine
Frozen meat slicer
Jellied meat cattle and sheep meat slice
Large high-speed meat planer
Lamb slicer
秒速时时彩Large microtome
Meat slicer
Chicken breast slicer
Fresh chicken slicer
Frozen meat Ding machine
Bone cutting machine
Carrot potato dicing machine
Fruit and vegetable dicing machine
Pig's head splitting machine
Hack machine
秒速时时彩Pig processing equipment
Bone sawing machine

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