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  1. Air drying equipment
  2. Sterilizing equipment
  3. Cleaning equipment
  4. Processing equipment for quick frozen dumpling
  5. Flavoring machine
  6. Poultry and poultry processing equipment
  7. Complete set of beef and mutton equipment
  8. Fish production line
  9. Sausage processing equipment
  10. Meat equipment
  11. Snack food processing equipment
Contact Us

Contact: Manager Li 
Mobile : 13562615538
Tel: 0536-6095882
E-mail: liangcaijixie@163.com
Address: Zhujia Village Industrial Park, Huanghua Town, Zhucheng City

Smoke oven
Special smoked stove
Large automatic smoking stove
Bean products Dried tofu smoked furnace
Large automatic smoking stove
Dried tofu smoked furnace

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Zhucheng City KaiCheng LiangCai Machinery Factory

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