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Smoke oven


Brief introduction of the equipment          

Process customization yes type Other brand Liangcai
Model 300 Voltage 380(V) Product use Smoked, smoked, smoked, dried and cleaned
Scope of application Cake room equipment, bakery equipment, beverage shop equipment, snack food equipment, Western food shop equipment, tea room equipment, snack food factory equipment, other Marketing Special Offer After-sale service Warranty for one year
Major downstream platforms Quick sell, Amason, wish, eBay, LAZADA, stand alone Major sales area Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa There are licensed private brands yes
Whether cross-border supply? yes

People smoke oven automatic smoke oven          

The company operates smoke stove, quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion. This product has the functions of cooking, drying, baking, smoking, exhausting and cleaning.

1。 large windows using a programmable controller and touch screen control, vividly display the running state of the equipment, can display and control the temperature。 Humidity。 Time and other parameters, and can adjust parameters in the production process, can be a single process, can also be nine below the single process of any combination of a formula for the production can store 100 sets of different formulations。

2。, with management personnel operator password, with production and failure records。 Users can choose special modules to realize remote monitoring function according to requirements,

Storage. Print production data and curves (user selection).

3., according to the process requirements, choose slow or fast cycle program, has reached the best cycle and smoke effect.

4., timing control, central temperature timing control two ways to control the smoke, cooking process, to enhance the optimization of energy-saving control procedures, reduce energy consumption.

5. can monitor the smoke temperature, prevent the temperature is too high, safety and health.

More than 6。 types of temperature sensors are available for user selection。













High temperature steam pressure(map)




Low vapor pressure(map)




furnace temperature。C




Standard Trailer(mm)




Host size(mm)




1, manufacturers of genuine goods

We are specializing in food machinery manufacturers, manufacturers supply goods, save the intermediate links, high quality and low price, the company production

The cycle is short and the quality of the goods is guaranteed。

秒速时时彩2, about size

Please tell us the exact data according to your requirement. The rest is for you.

3, about customer service

We will give you the first time to reply, such as your consultation failed to respond in time, may be at that time the amount of consultation is too large or department

Please forgive me for the failure. You can also leave your contact information and we'll call back in time.

4, about after-sale

We will provide complete after-sales service, our equipment free warranty for one year, there is a problem 48 hours on time to post + regular

Return visit, let you 100% worry free.


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